Transportation Services

Transportation Services:

Location Design Studies: (Rehabilitation,
Reconstruction / Major Rehabilitation New Construction / Major Reconstruction)
Feasibility Studies
Roads & Streets
Highway Structures - Simple & Typical
Traffic Signals
Hydraulic Analysis & Design
Water Main
Sanitary Sewer Systems
Landscape Architecture
Streetscape Design

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc.'s
diverse Transportation Engineering portfolio includes the ability to provide Planning (Phase I), Design (Phase II) and Construction Engineering (Phase III) services for State and Local agencies. Our professionals have extensive and diverse experience successfully resolving the various challenges that arise on every project.

We excel at adapting our expertise to your needs. As experienced Transportation Engineers, we understand the importance of maintaining excellent communication. Furthermore, Midwest Engineering Associates is committed to including practical experience and providing outstanding client service, integrity, and accountability to each and every project. We are dedicated to providing locally owned, quality engineering services that result in long term relationships.