Veterans Drive Expressway from Sheridan Rd to Fischer Rd


City of Pekin


Pekin, Illinois






Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. (Midwest) was selected to provide Phase II services for the new roadway to be constructed from Sheridan Road to Fischer Road near Pekin, Illinois. The project includes the design of a five-lane, minor arterial on new alignment. The project length is 4.05 miles, not including side road lengths or freeway ramp lengths.

The typical section for the project is a 5-lane section, with 10 foot wide shoulders on each side. The project includes a complete hydraulic analysis along the entire 4.05 mile corridor, and will include the design for up to 25 mainline culverts, including three large box or double box culverts. A dual span bridge is also being designed over Lick Creek in which Midwest Engineering Associates completed a hydraulic survey in conjunction with the structural design.

The alignment includes areas of considerable relief, and approximately 900,000 cubic yards of borrow will be needed. Four intersections with local roads will be designed, as well as a new intersection with Illinois Route 98. This intersection will be designed for immediate or future traffic signals.

The new roadway’s alignment will traverse under existing Interstate 474 (I-474) and will include a new full diamond interchange. The interchange design includes new freeway bridges for I-474, and ramps at all four quadrants. The maintenance of the traffic plan includes I-474 freeway traffic to facilitate the construction of the new interchange.

Side road improvements are being designed as at grade intersections with the proposed new expressway. Approximately 2,500 feet will be redesigned to satisfy the Intersection Design Study requirements. The side road improvements will also include extending Lincoln Street 800 feet to the new expressway, and reconstructing 1,900 feet of Illinois Route 98.

Midwest is coordinating the geotechnical work and preparing the geotechnical report for the new expressway, side roads, culvert structures, and bridges. Midwest is also designing the pavement for all of the proposed improvements.

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. responsibilities included performing all the topographical and right-of-way surveys along with preparing all plats. The project will include the acquisition of 140 acres. Existing Lidar is being relied upon extensively to reduce the survey effort.

The entire project is designed according to Illinois Department of Transportation Region Three District 4 policies.