US Route 150 (Jackson Street) & Main Street


Illinois Department of Transportation


Morton, Illinois












US Route 150

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. provided Phase I and is currently providing Phase II Engineering Services for the study and preparation of plans and specifications to reconstruct an existing stop controlled intersection within the Village of Morton as a signalized intersection. The Phase I study consisted of the development, analysis, and evaluation of applicable alternatives along with the development, analysis, and evaluation of reconstructing the pavement compared to pavement rehabilitation (widening and resurfacing). Existing and proposed cross sections were created for each alternative. These cross sections were used to determine approximate right of way/easement limits and possible impacts or challenges associated with each alternative. Benefit cost analysis was created and considered during the evaluation of the various alternatives. Work also included a hydraulic analysis along with the preparation and subsequent approval of a Design Report based on a Group II Categorical Exclusion. Public involvement included sending notification letters to affected land owners and meeting with affected land owners. Right-of-Way surveys were also included in the Phase I study.