East Peoria Pump Station


City of East Peoria


East Peoria, Illinois

Pump Station

Pump Station

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. provided Professional Engineering Services to the City of East Peoria for the project management, design and construction observation/management for two new storm sewer pump stations.

The project consisted of the demolition of the federally funded pump stations and existing structure(s) as necessary for the construction of two separate pump stations each with four (4) 30” outfall pipes up the levee, through the levee’s free board, and discharging into Farm Creek near the levee’s toe. The discharge piping included a concrete outfall structure, flap gates, siphon breaks, siphon break manholes and covers, repair to the existing slope wall, thrust blocks, 4” thick concrete multi-use path on the top of the levee, grading to provide three feet of cover over the piping and appurtenances.

Each pump station consisted of a wet well, pump station, pump station controls, pump station control building, backup generator, and appurtenances necessary for full operation to pump storm water off the adjacent property and adjacent roadways. Each pump station also included a remote monitoring system (SCADA) and landscaping. Both new pump stations were interconnected via a new storm sewer system installed to support 33 acres of new commercial development in a brownfield.