Levee District Promenade


City of East Peoria


East Peoria, Illinois

Pedestrian Spine

Pedestrian Spine

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. was selected by the City of East Peoria for the design and construction of a pedestrian friendly zone, for community events and gatherings (Farmers Market, art shows, not-for profit fundraisers, etc.), through the shopping center parking lot, connecting the public library, the bike trail, and park located along Farm Creek.

Some of the project highlights included:

- Sustainable, native plantings combined with advanced, water efficient irrigation system with drip irrigation and water-smart spray heads sustains healthy landscaping

- Provided 120 volt and 240 volt to support kiosks for various community events and gatherings

- Tabletop pedestrian crossings with decorative pavement slow vehicles and make pedestrian crossings more visible

- Incorporated charging stations for electric vehicles to promote green transportation

- Created a link to the existing River Trail of Illinois along the top of the levee along Farm Creek

- Created spaces for outdoor dining adjacent to restaurants

- Provided architectural lighting and integrated shopping center sound system to provide ambient music