State Street & Old Galena Road Roundabout


Peoria County Highway Department


Mossville, Illinois

Old Galena Roundabout













Old Galena Roundabout

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. prepared a Phase I engineering study and Phase II design near Mossville, Illinois. The study encompassed approximately 4 miles of roadway and required three project termini. The roadways varied from two-lane to four-lane collectors, included a locally maintained Class II Truck Route and one of the roadways intersected with IL Route 29 which is an arterial and a Class II Truck route. The Phase I project development report included roadway horizontal and vertical alignments, three intersection design studies (one stop-controlled, one signalized, and one multi-lane roundabout), storm sewer, a bike path, crash analysis, maintenance of traffic plan and right of way determination. Coordination with utility companies, bicycle groups and adjacent landowners was required to complete the study. Additional work included a wetland impact evaluation and a PESA response letter and preparation and subsequent approval of a Project Development Report. A hydraulic analysis of Dickison Run Creek was completed for the existing structure. The structure was in good condition but experienced frequent overtopping by the creek. The analysis concluded the improvements to the structure were not feasible and the structure was excluded from the study. A TIGER Grant application was completed for this project. Work on the application included additional crash analysis and preparation of a benefit cost analysis.

Phase II design included the preparation of contract plans for the roundabout reconstruction of the State Street and Old Galena Road intersection. The Phase II project included roadway design to connect the three legs of the roundabout to existing pavement.