East Peoria City Hall (Civic Complex) Parking Lot


City of East Peoria


East Peoria, Illinois





East Peoria City Hall

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. was contracted by the City of East Peoria for the Civic Complex Parking Lot project.

Midwest was responsible for the planning, design, construction specifications, preparation of bidding documents, construction administrative, limited construction observation, and construction layout. The project consisted of the construction of a 125 space parking lot and infrastructure for a new library shared space building and City Hall. The design and construction included Illinois Environmental Protection Agency permits, hydraulic analysis, new closed storm sewer system, new sanitary sewer service, new water service, pavement design, earthwork, lighting, and landscaping. The design of the pavement included the use of permeable pavers.

The survey scope included boundary and topographical survey. The boundary survey included the preparation of subdivision plats and descriptions of the site.