Broadway Road - Veterans Drive to Springfield Road


Tazewell County Highway Department


Tazewell County, Illinois






The Tazewell County Highway Department selected Midwest Engineering Associates (MWEA) to complete a Phase I study and Phase II design for the improvement of Broadway Road from Veterans Drive to Springfield Road. The project is 2.5 miles in length and includes the following work:

- Addition of 8 foot paved shoulders on each side of the existing roadway. (Existing shoulders are turf, only 2 feet wide)
- Regrading and reconstruction of existing ditches to accommodate the new shoulders
- Improve, replace, or extend existing cross road culverts
- Mill and resurface the existing driving lanes

MWEA has completed the Project Development Report and has obtained all the necessary environmental approvals for the project. MWEA recently held the public informational meeting for the project and has met with several landowners individually. Department of Agriculture (DOA) coordination was required for this project and MWEA successfully obtained concurrence from the DOA for the project.

The project includes right of way acquisition from over 40 parcels and MWEA is providing right of way and temporary easement plats needed for the project. Right of way acquisition is being mitigated, especially at residences, with the use of shoulder edge gutter.

MWEA has completed a hydraulic analysis of the project area and has made a determination on culvert sizes, both new culverts and verification of the existing culvert sizes. MWEA used LiDAR to supplement topographical survey work to determine overall drainage areas and drainage area slopes.

MWEA collected crash data for the project and analyzed the data. This information was highlighted in the Project Development Report and was also used to inform the public of the project need.