Allentown Road Bridge Repair


Tazewell County Highway Department


Tazewell County, Illinois







Allentown Road Bridge

Midwest Engineering Associates, Inc. provided its Structural Engineering services to the Tazewell County Highway Department to design emergency repairs to an existing bridge’s guardrail anchorage. The existing bridge was/is a three-span cast-in-place concrete deck slab bridge supported on pile bent piers and abutments. A farm implement had struck the steel guardrail on the bridge causing it to bend, deform, and pull out of the concrete deck in various places. A site evaluation was performed to determine the condition of the guardrail and its anchorage into the existing bridge. After alternate repair details were developed, a preferred alternate was determined. The preferred repair details and specifications were prepared for the concrete deck slab, steel bridge rail, and the approach roadway guardrail for emergency bidding and construction.